The Association is governed by an elected five member board of directors.  All board members are elected to a 3-year term which is staggered to ensure at least three board members will always be on the existing board when new members join.  Elections are held at the annual meeting every January.  Nomination forms are mailed to residents prior to the meeting and can be submitted ahead of time or at the meeting.  You can also find the nomination form on the ‘Meetings/Minutes’ page.


Once elections are complete the board, itself, will assign office positions to its members.


Board of Directors:

President: Sandy Mitcheltree (term expires January 2020)

Vice President:  Ed Agate (term expires January 2021)

Secretary: Linda VanDyke (term expires January 2021)

Treasurer: Marion Weller (term expires January 2022)

Member at Large: Elaine Wilson (term expires January 2020)


Committee Liaisons:

Pool: Sandy Mitcheltree

Architectural: Linda VanDyke

Beautification/Landscaping: Marion Weller 

Social: Vacant

Website: Elaine Wilson


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